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Maison Payer has been an independent producer from generation to generation and is managed by Ghislain and his daughter Elise

“We own 4 hectares of vineyards. It is a small company, but that allows us to control all stages, from the vine to the wine, and to produce a high- uality champagne.”

Vineyard work, harvesting, assembling, bottling and manual ‘disgorging’ (removing yeast sediment and inserting the cork) … all these steps are carried out at the Domain to produce our Champagnes Brut Tradition, Brut Rosé, Demi-sec Tradition, Brut Magnum and Ratafia Rubis.
“But we have also kept a cooperative spirit : part of our harvest is deposited there to produce two ‘Cuvées’: Brut Réserve and Millésime 2013”

Give time to time!

At Champagne PAYER, wines are kept in the cellar during the time necessary for full development of the aromas, much longer than required by Champagne regulations (15 months). The ‘Cuvées’ that are not ‘millésimes’ also keep maturing for at least 3 to 10 years before they are marketed.

“Champagne, unlike other wines, gets better in the winegrower’s cellar and not in the customer’s. Aging ‘sur lie’ (*) gives champagne a unique balance between aromatic power and freshness. »

(*) “vieillissement sur lie” ? After fermentation, the deposit (yeast sediment, or in French ‘les lies’) is left in the wine for a long time, which improves the aromas.

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